Wednesday, 16 August 2017

We were part of this #MOONHACK

Congratulations to all of us who attempted to learn more about coding over the last day or two - all those who submitted there project were part of creating a global world record - woohoo!

Check out this site:

Leave a comment on which World record you would like to set.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Everything is Tip Top!

It is easy to write lots, however how do we know when to construct a new paragraph.  Most of us can identify that a paragraph is a group of sentences about a related topic.  So does it matter how many sentences are in a paragraph?

We found information on Tip Top (MNEMONIC) to remind us when to create a new paragraph.



We've been re-working our 'Beacon of Light' stories we started with Miss Malone.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Our special visitor

On Wednesday Tatiana visited
the class and she show us her
her silver medal . Lindsey

Because of Cross Country later this term, we have been doing training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Year 4’s and up have to practice on those days. We run around Boyd Park, or the Wetlands. We start from the destination on the right then exit out the left entrance. Also, Mr Muir, a man who works for Team Energize, told us about what we should eat to get fast. A technique he showed us was to move your head around and other stuff like that which makes you faster than normal running.Matthew

As you know Ky-Mani’s sister Tatiana was a competitor in the Youth Commonwealth Games. We have been lucky enough to have Tatiana come in and have a talk to us.  She had a very encouraging idea”Don’t give up on something you are really good at”. We all got see and hold her medal it was  silver.  She won the medal in discus she threw a whopping 45m.  The girl who got first threw 47m and third place was 44m  

Tatianas visit.
We were lucky enough to have Ky-Mani´s sister come in for the morning with her mum and her silver medal that she won in the Bahamas for discus.


Tatiana’s visit.
At our school Ky-Mani’s sister Tatiana came over to visit our class with her silver medal that she won in discus in the Bahamas.  On Tuesday we had to think about what questions we were going to ask her.

Olivia B's
Knock, knock, knock, then the door opens it’s Tatiana and her silver medal. She came in to show the class her medal that she won in the Bahamas. It was big and heavy and we all got to hold it, it had a lot of writing on it. Tatiana said that it was one of her heaviest medals she owns. She said that she had won 51 medals and most of them were from discus. When someone asked her what her favourite sport was she said it was discus. She said that she had been doing discus since she was 9 and now she is 17.  She is winning medals and going to world competitions.  She said that Valerie Adams was the one that she looked up to.

Amber - Cross Country Training
Every Tuesday and Thursday's we go to Boyd park to do our Cross Country Training. The seniors and middle school have to bring spare change of clothes.  People that don’t bring spare change of clothes have to run around the soccer field as many times as they can.  People that bring their clothes get to run in the wetlands. The seniors run half the field and then the wetlands.

In Rm 13 Ky-Mani’s sister Tatiana came for a visit. Tatiana came because she got a silver medal for discus in the Bahamas. Her longest throw was 47.39m

On Wednesday 2nd of August, Mr Muir came to talk to us about the 5 food groups and show us some techniques for running. He also taught us a cool new game, too. Mr Muir taught us some things not to do when you're passed. It was a lot of fun.

By Michael D.G

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Welcome back to Term 3

What a wonderful day we have had catching up and launching into Term 3.

We were thrilled to hear that Ky-Mani's sister Tatiana won a Silver medal at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas - we had to have a look on our world map to find out where the Bahamas were - it is very close to Bermuda where New Zealand won a very famous piece of silverware - Do you know what it is called? And do you know what it's nickname is?


 "No Homework" tonight - unless you can access it digitally through Google Slides - it will be printed for tomorrow ;)

Spare clothes on the 'T' days - Tuesday's and Thursday's - we are heading to Boyd Park to start our Cross Country preparation.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Week 4 - The Term so far...

Rippa Rugby Heats - Neko
This term a few schools from around Te Aroha went over to Boyd park to play Rippa rugby. The first game we played was versing the Stanley Ave Giants, we lost but we tried our best. After we walked back up to the grandstand our team had a drink and a snack and then we versed TAPS and we won.

Rippa Rugby Finals - Lindsey
We went on Wednesday.
We went to the Rugby finals.
We lost.

Mrs H - They were held in Paeroa. Four members of Room 13 were in the team - Lindsey, Amber, Jaedyn and Michael W.

Shiver Me Timbers -Madeline
This week Room 13 has been working on Pirates. We all have a pirate name like Captain Short Beard or Captain Long Feet. We also have a crew, a pirate ship and a curse. We don’t have our curse yet. Mrs Haddock reads a page every day we have a new challenge.  

AVAILL- Lashawn

This week on Thursday we started an Availll, the movie that  Mrs H  picked  was 'Hook'. Mrs H picked this one because it links in with the book fair theme and this week’s challenge was surprise subtitles. I’ll let you in on part of the movie; this old man was sleeping and also barking, but then he wakes up and it seemed to me that he said someone's name in a worried way. The name he said was the window washer. That was the best part of the movie that we watched and that freaked me out the most and I’m sure it freaked out most of the class as well as me. If you haven't watch this movie YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. It is awesome, I assure you.     

Ms Bixby's last Day - Joel
We have been reading Ms Bixby’s Last Day. Every Friday we go on chapter chat to see what other classes have been up to. Like wanted posters, George Nelson drawings, Minecraft beer store sign.

Icas Technology - Michael D-G
I went to this thing called ICAS technology
Basically it is a series of questions there are about 20 to 30 questions to answer.
Most of them are quite easy.

Pirate Art Work - Olivia P
This week in Room 13 we are learning about Pirates. Because it was the book fair and we had to dress as pirates or we could dress as a book character. We drew pirate faces. We had to draw an oblong in the middle of the paper using a sketching pencil. We drew a circle with a sketching pencil and drew a circle that looks like a face shape and also drew in a rounded or pointed chin. Then we drew a line where your eyes are suppose to be.

Mrs H - They are looking great, r B was so impressed with their pencil sketches.

Bookaneer Book fair - Greta
This week we had a Book Fair in the library. This year for our Book Fairs theme we had Pirates. Classes in the school made wonderful pictures of Pirate Flags and Mrs H put them up in the library. In the library there was lots of wonderful books from Scholastic and cool looking stationery. Also in the library there was competitions on how many Pirate books you can find and how many parrots you can find to be in to win a prize at Assembly! The Book Fair is a fundraiser to raise money and get cool books. At the Book Fair there was cool, cute and inspiring Posters. Sadly the Book Fair ended on Thursday.

Pirate Dress Up Day - Amber
On the 26th of May we had to dress up as a pirate for book character day. Four people in the class dressed up as a pirate and the rest of the people in our class dressed up as a book character. Mrs Haddock dressed up as a pirate all week, she looked fabulous every day. Every teacher dressed up as a pirate on the day the children had to dress up. Heaps of people dressed up in their onesies to come to school. Last year we had to dress up as monster but I dressed up as Cinderella.

Book Character Day - Jaedyn
On Friday 26th of May we had a book character day to finish off the book fair. There were lots of costumes Including Harry Potter characters, Geronimo Stilton characters and even Star Wars characters. Neko dressed up as Barry Crump. There were kids who went around the school today to collect the gold coin donations/Gold Doubloons. There was about 200 people who donated( including the teachers).The money will go towards new books for our library
Ngatea Chess Competition - Alex
Last week there was a chess competition. Few people went but for those who didn't let me fill you in. Well, for starters we had to go up against a range of schools. Now I'd like to tell you that there was only one rookie and junior team so we had to go up against bigger older and more skilled people. Personally it was a lot of fun.  Only few people from Stanley got badges and we had the best Intermediate team so they all got gold medals. The people that got badges were Kyle, Cordelia, Nerro and me. Even though rookies couldn't go to Nationals I am sure we still tried our best. Also the best Intermediate player was Kyle, the best junior was Nerro and finally the best rookie was Gene. I had so much fun playing all those other schools and even though I was not the best I don't care I am proud of what I learned and achieved and that's what matters. To all those out there who get angry when they lose don't sweat it as long as you have fun. But it's how you take it that matters.

ICAS Science - Amy
These past weeks some of the seniors and middle school have taken part in ICAS Science. Some of the kids found it really hard, but some found it really easy. There has been a lot of determination, you have to think really hard about the questions. Only a few students got into ICAS, those that did get the opportunity are very lucky because it such a big deal they should be proud.

Sailor the Puffer Fish - Amelia
This term we had Sailor the Puffer fish come to our school to talk about asthma, and what to do if you are in a situation when you are having an asthma attack or if someone else is in that situation. Sailor told as about some of the triggers that can cause asthma these are some of the triggers they are; pollen, smoke, animal fur/hair, dust, cold air and virus. Sailor showed us how to use an inhaler and how many puffs to take if you are having an asthma attack.
Mrs H - Chris Lam Sam has also written a Book that we have purchased for the school Library - keep an eye out for Inspector Brunswick!

Friday, 12 May 2017

It isn't long now! Next Friday the Bookaneer Scholastic Book Fair arrives and will be keeping Room 13 busy as bustling buccaneers! Through the doors will be an abundance of beautiful new books. Books can be purchased, ordered, and donated.

Start doing those extra pocket money jobs to save all those gold coins!   Bring your parents, grandparents and any other book loving pirate you know!

Book Fair Times and Dates
Monday 22nd May - Thursday 25th May 8.30am - 9am, 1pm - 2pm, 3pm - 4pm Late night Wednesday 5pm - 7pm Closes at 2pm Thursday Check out this cool video of a book loving pirate!

Also remember a gold coin for the Dress Up Day - come as a pirate or your favourite book character.
All money collected will go towards new books for the library :)


Saturday, 15 April 2017

Term 2 - Can't wait...

Just a preview of an exciting new book we are going to be reading in Room 13 . and taking part in a Chapter Chat with Year 5 & 6 students throughout NZ

Ms Bixby's Last Day - by John David Anderson

If you want to get your own copy - I ordered my one through Book Depository $11.46 NZ
(Just promise me you won't read it before we start it in class) . It can be read along at the same time though :)

Here is a Book Trailer that has been created, I hope you are inspired!  I've heard nothing but great things about this story in fact I've even been told I may need a box of tissues...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What have we been up to...

Room 13 is a vibrant rainbow seeking to find the pot of treasure.

We have been involved in a #getnewzealandwriting initiative with Warehouse Stationery and School Kit.  We received an exciting box of goodies(stationery).  We are publishing 32 postcards and a poster to send to a school in Palmerston North. (We will share the specific school next week once we have found out more about them)

This week we have been looking at metaphors and creating ones for Room 13 and then individual ones to compare ourselves.

Mrs Haddock is a library with a diverse range of stories, magazines and graphic novels.

Mrs Spooner is a 3 drawer filing cabinet packed full of information.

Watch this space - Next week we will be sharing some of our amazing ideas and pictures of our completed work.

PS: We are on Assembly this week sharing some of our 'Holes' Chapter Chat work.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Growth Mindset

End of Week 4 already

Unfortunately I'd picked up a nasty tummy bug and was away all of Week three at school.  It was really fortunate that the class was looked after by Mrs Powell (Jess Roycroft) and Mrs Horan.

It certainly was great to be back and we were right into it at the start of Week 4 ' School Swimming Sports' .


In class during the roll we quickly chatted about having a go and trying your best.  Well done to all of those who participated, gave it a go, tried their best and some who also had success by being selected to go to Districts and represent Stanley Ave, this Thursday.  It was a long hot day and some very tired children by the end of it.  We are continuing with daily swimming and working on some of the more technical aspects of the strokes.

We've had a bit to catch up on with our reading of 'Holes' and had to work hard throughout the week to have a few extra chapters read.  Our Twitter session on Friday had us responding to work shared from schools around New Zealand, answering the questions and motivating us to produce work to share back with other classes.

On Thursday Room 4  joined us for some work on 'coding' or decoding - I was really fascinated to see the problem solvers of the group showing stickability, perseverance and determination.

Rg dzh ufm dzgxsrmt gsv xozhhvh gib zmw hloev gsv kfaaov.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

At the end of Week 2 and we caused quite a distraction walking into assembly carrying a shovel. Many were questioning what we had been up to and even the teachers wondered if I'd been digging a grave. We had to really start to wonder how hard it would be to dig a hole every day that was 5ft (152.4cm) deep and wide. We only managed to move a 1 ft x 1ft space in a pile of dirt. 'Holes' by Louis Sachar is a great story. Both Room 4 and 13 are working collaboratively on activities and joined together today for our first online 'Twitter' session (Read more about it below) Please leave us a comment

Our reflections about our activities we have been working on this week in Room 13.
by the students of Room 13.

In Room 13 there are 13 girls and 13 boys. All together there are 26 kids.  Room 4 is our buddy class.  Mrs Haddock is a nice teacher!  We do singing with Room 4 sometimes.  Greta & Drew

It is a colourful space in Room 13.  It has nets and tents places where we can work.  It has fruity cushions and bean bags that we can sit on.  We have lots of places we we can work like on the deck and the library under tables in the tent and even at tables.  Shaye & Neko

We listened to Chapter 7 of Holes, then some of us wrote a description of Stanley Yelnats, the main character. As a group, we are creating Camp Green Lake in Minecraft and we are using  what we have read so far.  
Others in the class chose to find the meaning of 5 words: Perseverance, Desolate, Excavated, Preposterous and Grimaced. Some of us came up with some rules about Camp Green Lake then we selected one of the Creatures that inhabited the desert at Camp Green Lake: Lizards, Scorpions or (Rattlin Snakes). We might be able to dig a hole in the school the same size as the ones in the book, which are 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Phoenix & Matthew

This week we have been given class jobs.  We drew our jobs out by using popsicle sticks with our name on. Mrs H is happy now she has some super duper helpers.  Olivia P & Joel

On Wednesday and Thursday Room 13 were painting our book boxes with blue paint. Some of us got paint on ourselves and some of us had help from some of the other kids that painted before us. It was messy and fun. On our book boxes when we were painting we had to go long ways down our box.

We are designing covers for our books.Some of us are working on the front.  others are working on the back of our books.  We are colouring pictures from a colouring book. When we have finished we will cover it in coverseal on the front and back. So far it is taken us 2 afternoon sessions to get as far as we have.  They are looking really really good because everyone is taking their time. Michael & Alex

This week we have been starting on making our own book covers. We had to create a unique designs that would suit our book. The front of our book we used a site called creative commons, the site lets you use pictures that are not copyright. We used Google Slides to start creating our cover page, we could use different shapes, symbols and colours. Jaedyn & Lashawn

Creative Commons is a site you can get photos that are able to be used legally. Using photos off the internet is  sometimes illegal you can get a fine. If it is a copyright photo it is illegal, so that why our class uses Creative Commons. It is safer for kids.
Amy & Chasity

This week we have been practising for swimming sports. On the first day we all went back and forth down the pool practising different swimming strokes. Mrs H put us into two groups, so one group in the pool and one group out commenting on the person that's in the pool then we swap over.  Our swimming session goes into morning tea time.  After swimming we get an extra five minutes, so we can play on the playground or play on the decks.  Ky-mani and Amber

On Thursday Rm 13 and Room 4 had our library session together. We chose the books that we wanted to get out, we had lots of fun.  We hope Room 4 had lots of fun with us too. It was fun for a change.  Mrs H likes us to choose a main course book and an entree/dessert book.  The main course is a Chapter book ,A dessert and entree are picture books, joke books etc.
Hayley & Olivia

Yesterday we were learning about ‘Coding’  and to find out how coding actually works. Coding technology and how it works And after stuff. ‘Everybody in the world should learn how to program a computer…Steve Jobs’
Harrison & Lindsey

Last night we went to the Meet the Teacher Evening, we did a lot of sports like rugby , cricket and soccer. Then I went to Room 4 with my mum then we went home  she came into Room 13 and had a quick talk with Mrs H.  After Ashley and his Pop went to Room 13. Pop thought it was a creative classroom.  He went home and told Nan that he thought Mrs H was the best teacher he has had.
Michael & Ashley

This Friday we have been on Twitter and we have been focusing on the book ‘Holes’ along with other schools of Year 5 and 6’s (About 75 schools in NZ). We have been looking at art that other people have done.We have been answering questions and commenting on other people's work.We have also liked other people's work. People made maps, artwork and posters of yellow spotted lizards , scorpions and snakes as well as Minecraft worlds based on Camp Green Lake. They have done a great job in their art.  Madison & Tabitha

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The day had arrived and a lovely new bunch of eager faces awaited.  What an enthusiastic group!

Throughout the day we have been setting up routines, choosing reading material, interviewing others about their holiday, swimming and absorbing the atmosphere of Room 13.

Driving home at the end of the day I cursed as I had forgotten to take individual photos of our class.
Tomorrow is another day...