Saturday, 15 April 2017

Term 2 - Can't wait...

Just a preview of an exciting new book we are going to be reading in Room 13 . and taking part in a Chapter Chat with Year 5 & 6 students throughout NZ

Ms Bixby's Last Day - by John David Anderson

If you want to get your own copy - I ordered my one through Book Depository $11.46 NZ
(Just promise me you won't read it before we start it in class) . It can be read along at the same time though :)

Here is a Book Trailer that has been created, I hope you are inspired!  I've heard nothing but great things about this story in fact I've even been told I may need a box of tissues...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What have we been up to...

Room 13 is a vibrant rainbow seeking to find the pot of treasure.

We have been involved in a #getnewzealandwriting initiative with Warehouse Stationery and School Kit.  We received an exciting box of goodies(stationery).  We are publishing 32 postcards and a poster to send to a school in Palmerston North. (We will share the specific school next week once we have found out more about them)

This week we have been looking at metaphors and creating ones for Room 13 and then individual ones to compare ourselves.

Mrs Haddock is a library with a diverse range of stories, magazines and graphic novels.

Mrs Spooner is a 3 drawer filing cabinet packed full of information.

Watch this space - Next week we will be sharing some of our amazing ideas and pictures of our completed work.

PS: We are on Assembly this week sharing some of our 'Holes' Chapter Chat work.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Growth Mindset

End of Week 4 already

Unfortunately I'd picked up a nasty tummy bug and was away all of Week three at school.  It was really fortunate that the class was looked after by Mrs Powell (Jess Roycroft) and Mrs Horan.

It certainly was great to be back and we were right into it at the start of Week 4 ' School Swimming Sports' .


In class during the roll we quickly chatted about having a go and trying your best.  Well done to all of those who participated, gave it a go, tried their best and some who also had success by being selected to go to Districts and represent Stanley Ave, this Thursday.  It was a long hot day and some very tired children by the end of it.  We are continuing with daily swimming and working on some of the more technical aspects of the strokes.

We've had a bit to catch up on with our reading of 'Holes' and had to work hard throughout the week to have a few extra chapters read.  Our Twitter session on Friday had us responding to work shared from schools around New Zealand, answering the questions and motivating us to produce work to share back with other classes.

On Thursday Room 4  joined us for some work on 'coding' or decoding - I was really fascinated to see the problem solvers of the group showing stickability, perseverance and determination.

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

At the end of Week 2 and we caused quite a distraction walking into assembly carrying a shovel. Many were questioning what we had been up to and even the teachers wondered if I'd been digging a grave. We had to really start to wonder how hard it would be to dig a hole every day that was 5ft (152.4cm) deep and wide. We only managed to move a 1 ft x 1ft space in a pile of dirt. 'Holes' by Louis Sachar is a great story. Both Room 4 and 13 are working collaboratively on activities and joined together today for our first online 'Twitter' session (Read more about it below) Please leave us a comment

Our reflections about our activities we have been working on this week in Room 13.
by the students of Room 13.

In Room 13 there are 13 girls and 13 boys. All together there are 26 kids.  Room 4 is our buddy class.  Mrs Haddock is a nice teacher!  We do singing with Room 4 sometimes.  Greta & Drew

It is a colourful space in Room 13.  It has nets and tents places where we can work.  It has fruity cushions and bean bags that we can sit on.  We have lots of places we we can work like on the deck and the library under tables in the tent and even at tables.  Shaye & Neko

We listened to Chapter 7 of Holes, then some of us wrote a description of Stanley Yelnats, the main character. As a group, we are creating Camp Green Lake in Minecraft and we are using  what we have read so far.  
Others in the class chose to find the meaning of 5 words: Perseverance, Desolate, Excavated, Preposterous and Grimaced. Some of us came up with some rules about Camp Green Lake then we selected one of the Creatures that inhabited the desert at Camp Green Lake: Lizards, Scorpions or (Rattlin Snakes). We might be able to dig a hole in the school the same size as the ones in the book, which are 5 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Phoenix & Matthew

This week we have been given class jobs.  We drew our jobs out by using popsicle sticks with our name on. Mrs H is happy now she has some super duper helpers.  Olivia P & Joel

On Wednesday and Thursday Room 13 were painting our book boxes with blue paint. Some of us got paint on ourselves and some of us had help from some of the other kids that painted before us. It was messy and fun. On our book boxes when we were painting we had to go long ways down our box.

We are designing covers for our books.Some of us are working on the front.  others are working on the back of our books.  We are colouring pictures from a colouring book. When we have finished we will cover it in coverseal on the front and back. So far it is taken us 2 afternoon sessions to get as far as we have.  They are looking really really good because everyone is taking their time. Michael & Alex

This week we have been starting on making our own book covers. We had to create a unique designs that would suit our book. The front of our book we used a site called creative commons, the site lets you use pictures that are not copyright. We used Google Slides to start creating our cover page, we could use different shapes, symbols and colours. Jaedyn & Lashawn

Creative Commons is a site you can get photos that are able to be used legally. Using photos off the internet is  sometimes illegal you can get a fine. If it is a copyright photo it is illegal, so that why our class uses Creative Commons. It is safer for kids.
Amy & Chasity

This week we have been practising for swimming sports. On the first day we all went back and forth down the pool practising different swimming strokes. Mrs H put us into two groups, so one group in the pool and one group out commenting on the person that's in the pool then we swap over.  Our swimming session goes into morning tea time.  After swimming we get an extra five minutes, so we can play on the playground or play on the decks.  Ky-mani and Amber

On Thursday Rm 13 and Room 4 had our library session together. We chose the books that we wanted to get out, we had lots of fun.  We hope Room 4 had lots of fun with us too. It was fun for a change.  Mrs H likes us to choose a main course book and an entree/dessert book.  The main course is a Chapter book ,A dessert and entree are picture books, joke books etc.
Hayley & Olivia

Yesterday we were learning about ‘Coding’  and to find out how coding actually works. Coding technology and how it works And after stuff. ‘Everybody in the world should learn how to program a computer…Steve Jobs’
Harrison & Lindsey

Last night we went to the Meet the Teacher Evening, we did a lot of sports like rugby , cricket and soccer. Then I went to Room 4 with my mum then we went home  she came into Room 13 and had a quick talk with Mrs H.  After Ashley and his Pop went to Room 13. Pop thought it was a creative classroom.  He went home and told Nan that he thought Mrs H was the best teacher he has had.
Michael & Ashley

This Friday we have been on Twitter and we have been focusing on the book ‘Holes’ along with other schools of Year 5 and 6’s (About 75 schools in NZ). We have been looking at art that other people have done.We have been answering questions and commenting on other people's work.We have also liked other people's work. People made maps, artwork and posters of yellow spotted lizards , scorpions and snakes as well as Minecraft worlds based on Camp Green Lake. They have done a great job in their art.  Madison & Tabitha

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The day had arrived and a lovely new bunch of eager faces awaited.  What an enthusiastic group!

Throughout the day we have been setting up routines, choosing reading material, interviewing others about their holiday, swimming and absorbing the atmosphere of Room 13.

Driving home at the end of the day I cursed as I had forgotten to take individual photos of our class.
Tomorrow is another day...

Thursday, 19 January 2017

It's a New Year and a New Start to the 2017 Room 13 Blog!

Welcome to our Class Blog for 2017!

I'm Sandie Haddock (Mrs H) who will be the 2017 teacher of Room 13 at Stanley Avenue School.   I'm thrilled to be back in my same room as last year  however this year I have the privilege to be working with a cool group of Year 5 and 6 students.

Last year our blog had 16,000 hits!!! Wow we are starting on 16, 409 ( I wonder what amazing learning will  happen in Room 13 this year that will attract followers in 2017...)

I can't wait to catch up with all our new Room 13ers on 31st January.

I hope they've all been gearing up ready for an exciting term, purchased some new stationery - if they have accidentally misplaced the list a new one can be found by clicking here  .

I've asked for a roll of coverseal as we will be covering our books as part of our class programme - a visual language unit in design and photography.

Day 1 Checklist:
Togs & Towel (in a plastic/waterproof bag)
Lunchbox (include a piece of fruit/nuts/raisins for our 10am fruit break)
Drink bottle - (only water permitted in the room during learning time)
Sunscreen (applied before leaving home)
A smile
Some exciting stories to tell about your holiday.

Continue to be safe and look forward to seeing you soon, don't be shy send me a message via the blog!

Signing off for now
Mrs H

P.S You will be seeing a little more of my 'Bitmoji' appearing within the Blogs.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Well this is it folks, 2016 year in Room 13 is all complete.  Thank you all for an unforgettable year in my teaching.  We started this blog as a journey of our learning this year and have over 8000 hits.

I won't say this will be the last post for the year as I challenged everyone at school today to share a picture with me of their Christmas Day.  

Have a safe holiday, challenge yourself to learn something new, read a book, get wet, eat good food, sing songs and enjoy what opportunities arise.

Love Mrs H.

PS - Thank you for the lovely gifts, cards, hugs and comments( I think I'll be hiding the chocolates...)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Meet 'OK'

What an amazing inquiry that occurred in Room 13 over the past couple of weeks.  After watching the very inspirational video 'Sewing Hope' about Campbell, teddy bear making was launched within the room.  We had the honour of presenting our special 'OK' Bear to Olivia at this weeks assembly.

The beads around OK's neck were created by felt, we taught Room 10 how to make these as well.  These represent the 'Beads of Courage' that Olivia has been given for all her procedures and being brave. 

Inside OK bear is a felt heart that everyone made, we rolled it between bubble wrap and all moved around the table so everyone had a go.

Samantha got busy on Friday morning to sew the O and K on its paws.  Noah also got busy with a needle to sew up his back.  
The children of Room 13 are so proud of their efforts.  As a teacher this would have been one of my most heartfelt journeys with a group of children.  Amazing engagement, loving to learn, appreciation of team work and empathy.

Our messages for Campbell

Hello Campbell, I love how you came up with the idea to help people that are feeling unwell making teddy bears is really hard but since you have had lots of practice and now you are much better at making bears they are wonderful and yeah I hope you have a great day.

Hi Campbell you are nice and are a nice person so you in inspired Room 13 to make a bear for someone in our class, her name is Olivia she has been in Starship Hospital.

Hi Campbell, I like sewing as well. Have you tried cross stitch?. You never give up, you try your best to help those sick kids in hospital.  Room 13 are trying to make a bear for Olivia Kelsey who is in Starship Hospital.  I am doing a challenge of not playing my PS3 and just sewing.  If i complete the challenge I will take a picture of my creation and show you and I will tell you my time. FROM PHOENIX!. 
Campbell you have made heaps of teddys for sick kids you should be proud of yourself. Over the last few weeks we have been learning how to make a bear for Olivia and she has cancer from last year and we are making a bear for her   -Rico

Campbell you inspire me to make other people happy if you can make people happy then we can too .P.s thankyou.   From TREVOR

Blake-Hi Campbell how did you get the idea of making bears for sick kids it makes.` them really happy, we've got a sick kid in our class her name is Olivia she has leukaemia.  

Joseph-Hi Campbell in the last few weeks we have been learning about how to make teddy bears. At the moment we are learning to sew without machines.  We are sewing a bear for a sick kid called Olivia she has leukemia, she is 9 years old .  We really like you making bears for sick children you are a amazing bucket filler Campbell.

Brandy:Hey Campbell, you have motivated everyone in our classroom, you are so amazing to make homemade bears for sick kids in hospital. In our classroom, we have been making a bear for Olivia that has Leukemia/Cancer, the bear we are making is called Oliver.  I’m so amazed that you, spend mostly all your time sewing, but I think that it is really cool that you do that sort of stuff, cause everyone is different.  When we watched your video, we thought, that’s going to be easy, but when we started, we all didn’t know what to do, that’s why at the start of the video you said it took, a lot of practice and it did.Thank you Campbell for inspiring us!

 Samantha - Hi Campbell you have inspired everyone in our classroom and know doubt inspire our whole school. It is so amazing what you do for these kids.  Our class has been making a teddy bear for Olivia in our Classroom who has Leukemia/Cancer               
Charli. Hi Campbell you have really inspired everyone and I think it is really cool that you make teddy bears for sick kids and when we first saw that video we really thought that we could do that too.  So we have started to make an Oliver bear.  We have really made progress since day one, now we are up to sewing.  Are you just making bears or are you making  

Anna W. Hi Campbell,
 You have motivated everyone in Room 13 and the school and know doubt the whole world with your amazing amount of kindness.  You are so kind to make bears for sick kids, spending your time on the sewing machine and working for many hours.  Room 13 has a classmate called Olivia who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2 years ago. She’s missed most of the year (since 2014) but has made a few visits to see and update us. 

Grady.-  Hi Campbell its really cool that you have made people very special Bears.  We have had someone in our class diagnosed with leukaemia so we have made a bear for her.

Toby -  Hi Campbell I think this it is very nice of you.  In the past few weeks Room 13 have been making a teddy bear for Olivia.  We have been rotating around different activities. We've  been reading/knitting/drawing/and measuring and messaging also 10 things about our bear 

Jayden - Hi Campbell. In Room 13 we have being making a bear for Olivia she has leukaemia.

Richie -  Hi Campbell I think what you are doing needs more people doing this around the world.  In our class we have a girl with leukaemia. She has had it for a year and 11 months she has been at school only 5% of the time. 

William - Hi Campbell, In our class we’ve been making a bear for a classmate called Olivia with cancer.  When I wrote this we are up to the sewing the bear.  I hope we can finish it by Friday.  Thanks William  =D

Anna K- Hi Campbell, the way you are making sick kids happy is unbelievably kind and caring. You are very thoughtful and generous, as you may have heard we are making a teddy bear for our friend Olivia Kelsey (who has leukemia) she has had it for 2 years now but is getting soooooooo much better. We loved your idea of making teddy bears for ill kids, it was so inspiring. So just keep doing what you're doing and the world will become a better place.

Kahurangi: Hi Campbell.It’s a very good thing that you're making a difference to sad and sick kids lives. It has inspired heaps of kids to be nice and not mean. Now we are making a Teddy bear for a girl in our class called Olivia.  Last year she got leukemia which was very sad for us all. Thanks Campbell.

Sofia- Hi Campbell, we have a classmate in Room 13 called Olivia, and she has cancer and has missed most of school this year (since 2014). You motivated us to make a teddy bear for her, all the way from nothing but a bit of fluffy fabric to a fully made bear. But you have not only inspired us, but hundreds of people all around the world! You make unhappy or sick kids happy again, and should be proud of yourself. Thank you for making the world of sick kids a better place.

Noah: Hi Campbell we have watched your video it has inspired us to make a teddy bear for Olivia who has leukemia we’ve been stitching for around 2 weeks and now we 

Sarfyre:Hello Campbell I think it's awesome that you can influence people to help kids that are sick.  It is very upsetting that our  friend Olivia has  leukaemia.  She was diagnosed  2 years ago. My sister and I have known Olivia ever since kindergarten.  It was heart breaking when we found out that she had leukaemia because she is a great friend.  You are amazing Campbell, don`t stop what you are doing:)

Daniel-   Hello Campbell, it`s very nice for all the sick kids in Tasmania, you are a very kind person.  It`s amazing that the kids are sad and you give them a teddy  and then they’re happy 
We are helping to make a teddy bear for Olivia Kelsey she has leukemia all of our class are making it.

Matthew: Hello, Campbell. I love how you make adorable Teddies for sick kids. Speaking of ‘Teddies’, we are making a Teddy Bear for a classmate in our classroom named Olivia, who has Leukaemia. You inspired us to make a fluffy Teddy, just for her. We haven’t come up with a name (It might not have one) but I’m sure she will win the battle of Cancer. That video where you make the Teddies was the motivation tool. We loved the video and the way you can make one Teddy in an hour is spectacular. We loved the Teddy idea and are currently experimenting to do the same. You are an inspiration and you have made us do something just as caring. Thank you.`

Lashawn: Hi Campbell our classroom has seen your bear making video and it inspired me and my class. Our class have been making a bear for Olivia who has cancer.  From your video we got the idea to make one of them.  Our teacher had an idea that we were going to do rotations so everyone could get a go at doing a part of the bear. Thank you Campbell for giving us idea, you are special.   

Thomas Gr:
Hi Campbell                                                                                              
We watched your video about how you make bears for the people sick in hospital and give them something that could be there first smile in quite a long time.   You gave us inspiration to make a bear for a girl named Olivia Kelsey.  She has leukemia and just got her bag taken off. The bear that we are making is one that our teacher Mrs Haddock found in her garage and there was a coincidence the bear was named Oliver. We have started making it, we have stitched nearly all the body parts together now and we need to put them all together.  We have put the eyes in the head but we need to put the nose on so there is still a bit of work to be done.
Thanks for the inspiration Campbell you’re a great kid KEEP IT UP !

Olivia B: 
Hi Campbell, we have a girl in our class, her name is Olivia and she has leukemia. We are trying our very best to get her back to school by making her a special teddy. We are learning how to make one. For some of us it's easy and for some it’s not. That's what we are learning about in class.

Riley: Hi Campbell, we saw your video and it was so inspirational so when we were thinking of stuff we can do for Olivia I remembered your video and I said that we should make a bear and we are.  I think it is amazing what you do, such a kind thing and the reason we are making a teddy bear for Olivia is because she has a type of cancer called leukemia and in a way we are all being a ‘little Campbell’ but nowhere as good as you.  Olivia has been away for school for almost two years now and she sometimes comes and visits.  Keep up your good work, it’s truly amazing!   

Marina: Hi Campbell, my class and I have watched your video, it is very Inspirational to me. I think it is very kind to make stuffed bears for children and deliver them to their doorstep. You inspired us to make our own stuffed bear. We are making one for a girl in our class with leukemia. She has just been back in hospital and has had her bag taken off.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sofia - District Athletics
This Wednesday 13 people from Room 13 competed in the District Athletics. When we arrived (unexpectedly in cars) it started pouring with rain and some of us had to fit 8 people under 2 umbrellas! We all thought it would be called off, but it wasn't, we carried on with it. In the wet, muddy grass. Some people slipped over, and some were still unbalanced.
My first event was the 100 metre heat, which I came 2nd in, then the 800 metres, 4th, and then the 100 metre final, with 2nd place again.

Anna K-District Athletics
This Wednesday 13 people from Room 13 went to District Athletics held at Herries park. It was pouring down with rain (for at least 20 minutes) My first event was the 800 metres, and I came 1st in that, my second event was long jump I got a new PB (3.55 meters) I got 3rd, My third event was high jump but it was too wet so they didn't do it (they moved it to Friday) and my last event was the 200 metre heat I came first in the heat, but came 2nd in the final.

On Wednesday we learned base cricket with Devon and Carissa.  We played base cricket; it’s kind of like baseball but with cricket rules. With 3 strikes and you hit the ball off the tee and the teams were called the Cows and the Horses.  It was a draw, it was a very close game. I was about to catch someone out but then Richie came sweeping in and hit me but it was an accident and my leg got hurt.
Riley-District Athletics
“Uh I’m cold, so cold “ I moaned.  Then all of a sudden Anna’s car came around into view.  “yay, good shelter.  Anna K and I rushed to the car as it parked just outside the school.  The car was so warm compared to outside.  As we were getting closer to the park I  began to wonder. How many schools will there be? or Will I get into Thames Valley?  Wow, that was quick I thought to myself as we arrived.  We all said thank you and ran for shelter from the rain.  Once were there it looked as if we walked not caring about the rain.                                                                                                                                                              
Charli-Teddy Bears
On Thursday, Room 13 had to work in Room 12 for the morning.   We had to bring in a teddy bear.  We did a rotation and one was starting the teddy bear. Another was measuring our teddy and another one was reading a bear  book.              

Blake-District Athletics
This Wednesday 13 people in our class went to District Mrs H was really happy that we got into district Athletics And my events were shot put and high Jump.  
William - Teddy Bear Thursday! (Parts of the day)
Yesterday, the class brought in teddy bears because we are making a bear!  Also we were kicked out of the class because interviews were next door in the Library, so we were in room 12 until lunch.  We measured the bears like, body, nose, with and more! After all that we had a teddy bear picnic. Trevor brought in bikkies and it was nice. We’re continuing today and also we have began building a bear!
By William B.

Sarfyre-Earthquake drill
Well we were working in Room 12 we had an Earthquake drill.  We did not know it was drill because Room 11 was doing fitness and they were stomping.  We are so lucky it was not a real one.     

Leah-room 13 is room12 for the day
On Thursday Room 13 was in Room 12 for the day, we did some teddy bear stuff! We rotated around the class there were lots of activities.   

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Week 4

Sofia -Secret Santa
This week Mrs H set us a new homework challenge, which included pulling a name out of a hat, (that person being your secret santa), and we are going to make a cross stitch for them, we got to choose the cross stitch we make, thinking about what they would like, not us.

Thomas Grason - Rad rhythm
On Monday we did Rad Rhythm and we learned a new part the drum solo were a few people go to the start of the drums and do a drum solo and then we did it from the top then we did fast four end questions.  

Anna K -Cricket
On Wednesday Davon and Carisa from Waikato Valley Cricket came to visit, Mrs Haddock made a lesson at 9.30 . First to warm up our body's we played a ball tag game, we played 3 rounds of that then went into catching, then doing a trick and catching the ball. Then Davon put us into teams in either horses or cows, sadly I was in cows. Horses were fielding and cows were batting first. When it was my turn i just hit the ball and run to the standard I quickly run back and just tap the ball with the bat i run again back Carisa boded me out. It was a really fun time can't wait for the next lesson

William - New 4 week homework sheet!
On Monday the class started a new 4 week homework challenge.  We have to do, Studyladder (get 1,000 points more), Performance (learn something to share to the class). Sock Puppet (collect stuff to use for a sock puppet we are making in week 9). Word Building ( Complete the “C” crossword). Own choice (Design your own homework task). Science Experiment (read about and bring equipment to show a science experiment). Secret Buddy / Santa (each week make sure your secret buddy is acknowledged). Magic Trick (learn a magic trick for a class magic show). Photography Challenge (Use a device to take a series of photos).

Riley-reading club
Reading is dreaming!  The reading program notice has come out this week! Mrs Withington  came into our class today to check with Mrs Haddock (which she hadn’t)so she read it out loud.  It was about a reading club starting on the 12 of December this year.  Its for ages 5 to 13 can join it and you need to check in from time to time and do 2 book reviews and at the end of it all you get a free pass to the pools for a pool party.